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PostNet Victory Park

PostNet Victory Park is your one stop, copy and print, courier, stationery and digital shop with a renowned mailbox service.

Courier services include : World Mail, Local / Regional Courier, Domestic / National / Overnight, International Courier, Domestic Freight / Road, International Freight, PostNet to PostNet, PostNet to SAPO, Insurance, PostNet to Door and Excess Baggage.

Copy and print services include : Binding, Laminating, B&W Copies, Colour Copies, Secretarial, Desktop Printing, Computer Services, Business Cards, Printing Services – B&W Digital, Printing Services – Colour Digital

Digital services include: Telephone, Faxing and Internet

Stationery services include : Packaging, Office Stationery, Rubber Stamps and Name Badges

Shop No: 13a
Tel No: 011 782-9861
Fax No: 086 611 8781
Email: victorypark@postnet.co.za
Website: http://victorypark.postnet.co.za/
Hours: Mall Hours