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Filo Frozen Yoghurt

Filo offers customers an experience in “The art of Frozen Yoghurt”

Filo operates by a self-service design where customers are encouraged to serve as much or as little from the three frozen yoghurt machines lining the interior of the store.

Filo boasts an impressive 20 froyo flavours with a total of 6 flavours on offer every day. Flavours range from the popular caramel to the more exotic peanut butter, pistachio, Greek and cheesecake. Fruit lovers can enjoy a swirl of mango, pomegranate and forest berry, to name a few.

Once your Filo bowl is filled with sweet yoghurt goodness, the toppings counter awaits. This buffet is packed with both sweet and healthy delights. Not to forget the topping sauces and deluxe toppings (a trifecta of awesome) namely Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch, Milk Chocolate Crunch or Caramel Crunch.

With your personlised masterpiece created, it’s time to sit outside with us and enjoy the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and deliciousness that we pride ourselves on at Filo.

Smoothies, Whey Protein Smoothies, and Coffee are also available.

Come Pour. Play. Pay. At Filo.

Contact us on 011 782 5563

Shop no: G25
Tel no: (011) 782 5563